Goodnight, Sweet Boy

Some Mondays are way, way worse than others. It is with heavy hearts that John and I tell you our crazy boy Takoda is no more. Our big, furry monster decided to go for an unsupervised run yesterday at noon and didn’t come back. We whistled and called and called and whistled. He came home three times and from 20 feet away he looked at us and grinned and took off again, white flag tail high. He was not a dog who listened well, he thought little of commands and direct orders. And it has been really cold, so he had been more confined than usual.

We live in the country, you know. He was shot on a neighboring farm – someone thought he was a threat to livestock. It’s breaking our hearts, but we understand how it happened. There was a killer pack of dogs around here until a month or so ago, they did a lot of damage. Some of the farmers are justifiably trigger happy. He never knew what hit him, we don’t think he suffered at all.

John picked Takoda up in his pick up and brought the boy home. We loved on his big, warm and furry body and buried him in the woods at the back of our land. Takoda liked to dig holes and chase moles and jump in the leaves back in those woods.

We loved this boy hard for the fourteen months he was ours.


It’s ME! Takoda!

Are you still there? I have been a very busy dog since August.  Mom and Dad went to Ohio to watch a baseball game with Cubs and Reds. I wanted to go. I had to stay in a kennel. I was glad when they came home with their friends Karen and Steve.  I found Karen’s underpants and brought them to her in the living room I am a good cake

My birthday was October 2nd and Mom made me a cake I am one now. My cake was dog food and cat food and treats with a bully stick for a candle. Mom made a foil hat with a flower I tore it up I am one. I am a big boy now.

Mom and Dad madbirthday hate a new house and we moved.  Then there was a day called teethTakoda digsThanksgiving and a lot of people came over to eat turkey it smelled good in our new house all day. I had a bath before they came. I was even more attractive than usual I wanted everyone to touch me I made them touch me. I had to go in my house and BE QUIET.  Our friends Gordon and Laura came, too. Gordon has three rescued English Shepherds and Mom said Gordon is a very brave man.  Mom also said she understands why English Shepherds need rescuing we are not easy. Mom and Dad offered to let Gordon take me home he liked me. I am big, though. Gordon’s dogs are 50 pounds. I weigh 74 pounds now. No one knows why I am so big and handsome.  Gordon didn’t take me home I am still with my Mom and Dad. I got some turkey after everybody left I liked that.

This is a picture of me digging next to a mossy stump in our woods. Mom said I will disappear into a hole some day I hope not. I like to dig.

There was a day called Christmas after that. Other people got a tree in their house Mom's lapwe did not. Mom and Dad said I would eat glass ornaments or lights or the whole tree. I don’t know what that means. I would eat ornaments if they smell good or no one was petting me but I would not eat a tree. I might pee on it that is normal. I hope we get a tree in our house next time there is a day called Christmas. Mom got a new robe at Christmas I sat in her lap.

After Christmas there was a day called New Years Day. It was not fun. Everyone stayed in bed very late I was bored. Then Mom and Dad ate and watched TV and took naps. No one played with me much I did not like  New Years Day. I had to wait and be a good dog and wait more.  I don’t want to have that day again.  Pretty soon I will tell you more because Mom lets me use her computer.

My Work is Never Done

I realize I have been too busy playing outside to blog.  Mom said I will lose my fans unless I get to work, but I have been working all day!

First I had to walk Dad early in the morning fog.  It was pretty we like spider webs.  Sometimes webs get on my face I don’t like that.  But I like the morning walks, I am quite handsome in the morning sun.

Then I had to walk Mom up to our new house site on a very steep hill.  new home

Then I had to walk down the hill past where we live to get to the river.  There was a mole under the grass, so I had to dig.

chasing rodents





Then I had to dig some more.  It’s my job I must work.  There are moles everywhere I must dig, dig.

Also last night Mom left the gate unlatched I ran.  I ran down our hill, up the hill to see Esa and Sam and No-name we ran.  Mom had to come get me I did not come when Mom and Dad called, I was tired but I still had to dig.  My face gets dirty and my paws get dirty but I must dig.  If the mole gets away I have not done my job.   Mom won’t let me kill the moles she puts them back and I have to leave the area.   I like when they try to fight me I weigh 70 pounds and 9 ounces now.  They cannot win.mole

chasing rodentsherding dogI am very handsome with dirt on my face I am a working dog.  Mom made me go in the river I liked it.  I got the dirt off of my white parts and shook all over Mom and got her pants wet she does not care.  Mom said she expects no less from me I don’t know what that means.

When we walk back up the steep dirt road to our house it makes me tired.  I lie down in the grass and I won’t get up I pant I am tired.  Mom tells me “TAKODA GET UP, I AM HOT.  Let’s go get some water and cool off.”  Mom is not wearing a black fur coat she does not know hot.  Plus, I do all the digging and I just had all the water I need in the river I am not thirsty I just need to lie down.

I get burrs in my fur.  They are not very attractive so Mom pulls them off and I eat them all.  She said I don’t have to eat them but I think it is another one of my jobs so I eat burrs.  Then I nap for several hours so I can walk Mom again later.  My work is never done.


Art In Autumn

I got to go to an art festival in Weaverville today it was great! Mom was a volunteer all day so Dad took me to see her on Main Street. There were a lot of dogs and even more people. Dad walked me in the Nature Park the sun was warm and I got a lot of attention because I am very handsome. People patted my head and touched me and remarked on my looks I liked it.

Mom said the art talent was extraordinary, I don’t know that word but I got some feta cheese. Mom got some pottery I tore the bag and one piece broke. Uh-oh. It was fun anyway I like Weaverville because Weaverville likes dogs.

All Fixed

Mom and Dad took me to the Vet’s office and I got neutered.   I don’t know what that means, but I did not like it at all.   My tummy got shavedshepherd,neuter itchy itchy.   I was dizzy all day and I could not have food in the morning I did not like that I was hungry.

Mom said I had to get fixed so I would calm down.  Dad said he was breaking the man code.  Mom said Dad was being silly it was not HIM being neutered.   Dad said if I weren’t crazy he would put his foot down and I would not get fixed at all but since I am wild he told Mom to ahead and she did.

I am sensitive, Mom had to take me to Dr. Wootten’s office 6 times to let everyone touch me and give me treats so I could get my blood work done.  I am too sensitive they did not get my blood I went crazy. I like Evelyn, she gave me a lot of treats I let her touch my legs but I did not like it.  I got Mellow-tonin before I went for my neutering.  Mom said I would relax it made me sleepy mellow I liked it.

I like Dr. Wootten she is smart and pretty she is nice to me even when I am crazy.  I got liverwurst and cheese on a stick so I would be good.   I know Dr. Wootten thinks I am very handsome I weigh 65 pounds.   I am fixed and handsome and I still get in trouble almost every day so my neutering maybe did not work.  I made Mom go to the hospital.  Bad dog.


Look what our neighbor got. I want them I am a herder I could round them up. I could make them stay in the corner. I could make them go in the barn or anywhere else I want! I want to live on that farm. No I love my Mom and Dad I will stay home. But I want sheep for my birthday on October 2nd I will be one, old enough for sheep. I will look good herding I am handsome.


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