Enough Already

Takoda passed out after his little jaunt to doggie daycare.   What the hell is that?  I never had daycare.  I’m a cat.  I take care of myself.
Here I am in this picture, checking out the property.  I survey, I take action, I don’t put up with any crap.
Orange Boy CatI CERTAINLY don’t need any damn daycare.

That dog is a piece of work.  All I hear is, “Who is Mama’s good boy?” and “Did you have fun at school pup-pup?”  Makes me want to strategically puke hairballs and grass if you know what I mean.  I have been a GOOD BOY for 12 years now.   I was first, I have loved Mom and Dad through thick and thin.  I have been a GOOD BOY.  Those days are over.   I am about to take back some territory from the brat.

Rory Gallagher is no help at all, I’ll  have to do it  myself.  No problem, I wasn’t alone on the streets for the first 2 years of my life for nothing.  I’ll handle it.  That’s how I roll.

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