Dog House Doggie Day Care

Mom has been busy I have not been able to use her laptop I want one of my own she said NO.

Mom and Dad take me to Dog House Doggie Day Care I run.  I like Doggie Day Care they love me I jump out of the car and pull Mom she  makes me sit, she gets mad if I don’t.

I want the door I hear the big dogs I go with the big dogs now.   I got a summer haircut my tail is still long fur, my body was shaved I am cooler I like it I am handsome.  Also Mom said she can get ticks off of me now it is summer in the south that is part of life even though I have treatment.  I don’t know what treatment means I hope it works I don’t like ticks.Shear and Shine

We go in the door I go crazy it smells like a thousand dogs.  I know my friends are there I want to go BACK.  BACK is where the dogs are,  Mom does not go BACK we have to wait for somebody to come and get me I go crazy.  Mom says “SIT!” in her serious voice I better sit, I don’t like it I want to go BACK.  There is a Walkie-Talkie on the counter push the red button say “Takoda’s Mom” they come and get me, they love on me I am handsome.  I play hard I bite I nip I run I hump I play.  Then we all take naps we are tired we play so hard we sleep.

Mom and Dad come to get me, I want to go home I am thirsty I played hard.  We drive home by the river I like the smell when the windows are open, sometimes we get out and walk by the river I like that.  Then I go home I drink a lot of water I sleep on the deck in the shade.  Happy.



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