Bark Park

Mom and Dad take me to the Bark Park in Asheville sometimes so I can run run run until my legs shake.  I like that it feels funny.  I drink a lot of water there the other dogs chase me I chase them, too.   I have friends there one of my friends only has three legs I don’t know why but he is very fast he can run as fast as me and I am fast as lightning.   His Mom is an Occupational Therapist I don’t know what that means but she rescued him and gives him a massage every night he is lucky. My Mom said that is the strongest back leg in the world.  Carrier Park My other friend has his haircut like a lion I think it is silly but he gets a lot of attention so he likes it.  Mom calls him Mr. Mane.  He has big fur on his face and neck and the end of his tail I hope Mom does not get my fur like that I would not like it.  Look at my tail it is beautiful I don’t want a lion tail. dog park asheville My other friend is Mocha she was the only girl dog at the park that day she was popular we chased her she flipped over she was very cute.  IMG_0965All the boy dogs chased her she was tired but I think she liked it we played a lot.  She has a pink harness it is very attractive. One day there was a very aggressive boy dog there his name was Leroy.  Mom called him Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.  He was all teeth his Dad did not pay attention until there was snarling I was scared.  He was little but he was mean.  He came after me a lot and I ran away faster and faster so he could not getLeroy me.  I don’t like mean dogs I like playful dogs.  Mom pushed Leroy away with her foot so he would not snap at me any more.  We went to the little dog side of the park to get away from Leroy.  Mom asked the people with little dogs if I could come over because I am sweet I don’t bite other dogs they said yes.  The little dogs didn’t play very much so we went home I was bored. I like the Bark Park I can run for an hour without stopping then I lie down so Mom knows it is time to take me home.   I sleep in the car I am tired.  When I get home I get a treat and I get to drink a lot of water and I take another nap.  That is a good day.

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