Belly Flops

Mom said, “Let’s go to the river, Takoda!”  I was excited.   We went for a walk, We have a long driveway with 2 million rocks.  Down at the road I saw Daisy 2 from next door I ran.  Mom tried to run with me I ran faster and faster, way faster than Mom.  Mom yelled at me I did not listen I was excited I ran after Daisy 2.  Mom fell on the road she cried out I did not listen.  Mom said her belly flop knocked the wind out of her she could not breathe.

Another dog Esa checked on Mom I ran with Daisy 2 I forgot about Mom.  Uh-oh.  Mom was bleeding, she did not chase me she was crying she went home.   Mom had bruises all over her tummy and her arms and legs and her arm was swollen and her hand had a rock stuck in it.  injuryretractable leashes

I was wearing my 26 foot retractable leash for dogs up to 110 pounds.  I weigh 62 pounds I am big and handsome.   I ran away with Daisy 2 and 26 feet of leash bouncing behind me.

retractable leashI ran with my long leash I got stuck on the mountain.  When Dad came home, he and Mom looked for me they called me and called me.  They drove, they  walked, they yelled they said they feared the worst.  I am a  puppy I don’t know what the worst is but I don’t think it happened to me yet.

I broke my leash after three hours and I went home.  I did not chew it I snapped it in two I am strong.   Dad said that box had false advertising I broke my leash it was not easy, though, it hurt my neck.

Mom had a big gin and tonic and an ice pack.  Dad was mad at me for hurting Mom I did not mean to I got excited.  Dad was also mad because he paid a lot of money for my new leash the day before.  (Because I snapped the one that was for dogs up to 60 pounds.)  I did not want to hurt Mom I am a good boy.  Mom said the jury is still out, she said I am a challenge.  She said some other words, too but she said I could not write those in here or I would be in even more trouble.

It took a month for Mom to get better.   Then I did it again.  Mom asked, “Takoda, where’s your ball?”  I saw it I ran.  I pulled Mom off of a ledge in the yard she did another belly flop in the rocks on the driveway and hurt the same elbow again.  Dad was there, I got in trouble.   He said I am a pain in the you-know-what.   I don’t know what, but I think he meant the elbow.

Mom’s elbow still hurts and it is still swollen I feel bad I love Mom.   I have a pinch collar now I will try not to hurt Mom again.

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