It’s ME! Takoda!

Are you still there? I have been a very busy dog since August.  Mom and Dad went to Ohio to watch a baseball game with Cubs and Reds. I wanted to go. I had to stay in a kennel. I was glad when they came home with their friends Karen and Steve.  I found Karen’s underpants and brought them to her in the living room I am a good cake

My birthday was October 2nd and Mom made me a cake I am one now. My cake was dog food and cat food and treats with a bully stick for a candle. Mom made a foil hat with a flower I tore it up I am one. I am a big boy now.

Mom and Dad madbirthday hate a new house and we moved.  Then there was a day called teethTakoda digsThanksgiving and a lot of people came over to eat turkey it smelled good in our new house all day. I had a bath before they came. I was even more attractive than usual I wanted everyone to touch me I made them touch me. I had to go in my house and BE QUIET.  Our friends Gordon and Laura came, too. Gordon has three rescued English Shepherds and Mom said Gordon is a very brave man.  Mom also said she understands why English Shepherds need rescuing we are not easy. Mom and Dad offered to let Gordon take me home he liked me. I am big, though. Gordon’s dogs are 50 pounds. I weigh 74 pounds now. No one knows why I am so big and handsome.  Gordon didn’t take me home I am still with my Mom and Dad. I got some turkey after everybody left I liked that.

This is a picture of me digging next to a mossy stump in our woods. Mom said I will disappear into a hole some day I hope not. I like to dig.

There was a day called Christmas after that. Other people got a tree in their house Mom's lapwe did not. Mom and Dad said I would eat glass ornaments or lights or the whole tree. I don’t know what that means. I would eat ornaments if they smell good or no one was petting me but I would not eat a tree. I might pee on it that is normal. I hope we get a tree in our house next time there is a day called Christmas. Mom got a new robe at Christmas I sat in her lap.

After Christmas there was a day called New Years Day. It was not fun. Everyone stayed in bed very late I was bored. Then Mom and Dad ate and watched TV and took naps. No one played with me much I did not like  New Years Day. I had to wait and be a good dog and wait more.  I don’t want to have that day again.  Pretty soon I will tell you more because Mom lets me use her computer.

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