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Art In Autumn

I got to go to an art festival in Weaverville today it was great! Mom was a volunteer all day so Dad took me to see her on Main Street. There were a lot of dogs and even more people. Dad walked me in the Nature Park the sun was warm and I got a lot of attention because I am very handsome. People patted my head and touched me and remarked on my looks I liked it.

Mom said the art talent was extraordinary, I don’t know that word but I got some feta cheese. Mom got some pottery I tore the bag and one piece broke. Uh-oh. It was fun anyway I like Weaverville because Weaverville likes dogs.

Bark Park

Mom and Dad take me to the Bark Park in Asheville sometimes so I can run run run until my legs shake.  I like that it feels funny.  I drink a lot of water there the other dogs chase me I chase them, too.   I have friends there one of my friends only has three legs I don’t know why but he is very fast he can run as fast as me and I am fast as lightning.   His Mom is an Occupational Therapist I don’t know what that means but she rescued him and gives him a massage every night he is lucky. My Mom said that is the strongest back leg in the world.  Carrier Park My other friend has his haircut like a lion I think it is silly but he gets a lot of attention so he likes it.  Mom calls him Mr. Mane.  He has big fur on his face and neck and the end of his tail I hope Mom does not get my fur like that I would not like it.  Look at my tail it is beautiful I don’t want a lion tail. dog park asheville My other friend is Mocha she was the only girl dog at the park that day she was popular we chased her she flipped over she was very cute.  IMG_0965All the boy dogs chased her she was tired but I think she liked it we played a lot.  She has a pink harness it is very attractive. One day there was a very aggressive boy dog there his name was Leroy.  Mom called him Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.  He was all teeth his Dad did not pay attention until there was snarling I was scared.  He was little but he was mean.  He came after me a lot and I ran away faster and faster so he could not getLeroy me.  I don’t like mean dogs I like playful dogs.  Mom pushed Leroy away with her foot so he would not snap at me any more.  We went to the little dog side of the park to get away from Leroy.  Mom asked the people with little dogs if I could come over because I am sweet I don’t bite other dogs they said yes.  The little dogs didn’t play very much so we went home I was bored. I like the Bark Park I can run for an hour without stopping then I lie down so Mom knows it is time to take me home.   I sleep in the car I am tired.  When I get home I get a treat and I get to drink a lot of water and I take another nap.  That is a good day.

Dog House Doggie Day Care

Mom has been busy I have not been able to use her laptop I want one of my own she said NO.

Mom and Dad take me to Dog House Doggie Day Care I run.  I like Doggie Day Care they love me I jump out of the car and pull Mom she  makes me sit, she gets mad if I don’t.

I want the door I hear the big dogs I go with the big dogs now.   I got a summer haircut my tail is still long fur, my body was shaved I am cooler I like it I am handsome.  Also Mom said she can get ticks off of me now it is summer in the south that is part of life even though I have treatment.  I don’t know what treatment means I hope it works I don’t like ticks.Shear and Shine

We go in the door I go crazy it smells like a thousand dogs.  I know my friends are there I want to go BACK.  BACK is where the dogs are,  Mom does not go BACK we have to wait for somebody to come and get me I go crazy.  Mom says “SIT!” in her serious voice I better sit, I don’t like it I want to go BACK.  There is a Walkie-Talkie on the counter push the red button say “Takoda’s Mom” they come and get me, they love on me I am handsome.  I play hard I bite I nip I run I hump I play.  Then we all take naps we are tired we play so hard we sleep.

Mom and Dad come to get me, I want to go home I am thirsty I played hard.  We drive home by the river I like the smell when the windows are open, sometimes we get out and walk by the river I like that.  Then I go home I drink a lot of water I sleep on the deck in the shade.  Happy.



Hot Dog Trot Dog

hot dogsMom tried to kill me with hot dogs but it did not work I am fine.  We went to obedience training class the lady said to bring 50-100 pieces of soft treats to reward dogs when they learn new things.  She said you can bring chicken hot dogs, cooked for 4 minutes, drained and diced up.  Or string cheese or store bought treats.  Mom bought cheap red hot dogs and did not cook them.  Dad sliced them and put them in a bag.  Mom and I went to school.

When we got there I made a very impressive entrance I was excited I ran to the building and jumped on the door.   Mom caught up with me opened the door I dragged her down the hall I like new places.  We had to go up stairs, metal stairs with open backs I did not like that at all.  I was scared.  Then I heard DOGS!  I RAN!  I pushed open the gate to a big room there were DOGS!  I jumped on the counter they said “Who is this wild dog?”   Mom said my name is Takoda I am very excited.  I pulled Mom into the room she was holding on to my leash and trying to get me to sit I did not listen I ran I barked my best loud bark I ran.  Everyone was looking at us, probably because I am handsome.   Mom was rolling her eyes and telling me to be still.

puppy classWe found our place the room has four quadrants divided by fence our quadrant was me and another dog his name is Loose.   The other quadrants had 5 or 6 dogs each, Loose and I are special it was just us two.  I got a new collar, first they put a training collar on me it did not work I could not breathe I could still pull Mom.  Then they put a pinch collar on me I did not like that Mom learned to snap the leash to pinch the collar I sat right down every time.  Mom liked that, I drag her a lot.

sit commandWe got treats for everything at school I liked that.  We got 10 treats for learning our names.  We got 10 treats for sit.  The trainer Val picked me to demonstrate sit, probably because I am handsome.   The other lady said I have a “beautiful sit” I like that I am handsome I have a beautiful sit.  Then we did sit/stay 10 times I got 10 more pieces of hot dog.  Then we played a game with the treats I got 10 more pieces of hot dog.  The trainer Val said my pieces of hot dog were kind of big I was sure getting a lot of hot dog I was I liked it.  Val said Mom should have cooked those hot dogs.

After I got trained we were going to go home the trainer Val said she would walk me down the steps she was afraid I would pull Mom down.  I did not want to go down those metal steps they make noise other dogs made noise on them.  Val took me down one set of steps to the landing I sat down.  She let me sit and then I smelled everything there was nothing left to do but go down the next steps.  Val sat on the steps with me and made me wait a while.  Then Mom took me to the car I was a GOOD DOG that night.

Then I got a tummy ache it was bad.  Mom said she could hear my stomach making sounds.  I had to go outside and do my business it was ugly.  My tummy hurt for two days Mom said I had the trots no more hot dogs she said she did not mean to kill me I am alive it is okay but it hurt.  The next time we went to school Mom had string cheese in tiny pieces and training treats from the dog store my tummy did not hurt.  I sat, I stayed, I came when called and I got a lot of treats it was fun.  I was not afraid of the stairs this time I am a BIG BOY.   I got to play with Loose, too.  Mom and I practice our commands a lot she is learning to be in control of me because I am wild.  We go back Tuesday I like it.