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My Work is Never Done

I realize I have been too busy playing outside to blog.  Mom said I will lose my fans unless I get to work, but I have been working all day!

First I had to walk Dad early in the morning fog.  It was pretty we like spider webs.  Sometimes webs get on my face I don’t like that.  But I like the morning walks, I am quite handsome in the morning sun.

Then I had to walk Mom up to our new house site on a very steep hill.  new home

Then I had to walk down the hill past where we live to get to the river.  There was a mole under the grass, so I had to dig.

chasing rodents





Then I had to dig some more.  It’s my job I must work.  There are moles everywhere I must dig, dig.

Also last night Mom left the gate unlatched I ran.  I ran down our hill, up the hill to see Esa and Sam and No-name we ran.  Mom had to come get me I did not come when Mom and Dad called, I was tired but I still had to dig.  My face gets dirty and my paws get dirty but I must dig.  If the mole gets away I have not done my job.   Mom won’t let me kill the moles she puts them back and I have to leave the area.   I like when they try to fight me I weigh 70 pounds and 9 ounces now.  They cannot win.mole

chasing rodentsherding dogI am very handsome with dirt on my face I am a working dog.  Mom made me go in the river I liked it.  I got the dirt off of my white parts and shook all over Mom and got her pants wet she does not care.  Mom said she expects no less from me I don’t know what that means.

When we walk back up the steep dirt road to our house it makes me tired.  I lie down in the grass and I won’t get up I pant I am tired.  Mom tells me “TAKODA GET UP, I AM HOT.  Let’s go get some water and cool off.”  Mom is not wearing a black fur coat she does not know hot.  Plus, I do all the digging and I just had all the water I need in the river I am not thirsty I just need to lie down.

I get burrs in my fur.  They are not very attractive so Mom pulls them off and I eat them all.  She said I don’t have to eat them but I think it is another one of my jobs so I eat burrs.  Then I nap for several hours so I can walk Mom again later.  My work is never done.


All Fixed

Mom and Dad took me to the Vet’s office and I got neutered.   I don’t know what that means, but I did not like it at all.   My tummy got shavedshepherd,neuter itchy itchy.   I was dizzy all day and I could not have food in the morning I did not like that I was hungry.

Mom said I had to get fixed so I would calm down.  Dad said he was breaking the man code.  Mom said Dad was being silly it was not HIM being neutered.   Dad said if I weren’t crazy he would put his foot down and I would not get fixed at all but since I am wild he told Mom to ahead and she did.

I am sensitive, Mom had to take me to Dr. Wootten’s office 6 times to let everyone touch me and give me treats so I could get my blood work done.  I am too sensitive they did not get my blood I went crazy. I like Evelyn, she gave me a lot of treats I let her touch my legs but I did not like it.  I got Mellow-tonin before I went for my neutering.  Mom said I would relax it made me sleepy mellow I liked it.

I like Dr. Wootten she is smart and pretty she is nice to me even when I am crazy.  I got liverwurst and cheese on a stick so I would be good.   I know Dr. Wootten thinks I am very handsome I weigh 65 pounds.   I am fixed and handsome and I still get in trouble almost every day so my neutering maybe did not work.  I made Mom go to the hospital.  Bad dog.

The Gate

gate latchSometimes when Mom and Dad are busy I stay on the deck I like it.  I can see birds and rabbits and deer one day I saw a turkey it made me crazy I wanted it.   There is shade and a water bowl I can hear the other dogs barking so I know where they are.   The deck has a gate with a latch I like the deck.

A few days ago Mom and Dad put me on the deck I OPENED THE GATE!  I RAN!  I am smart I opened the gate I ran!  Dad came out the front door to get me I was gone I ran!   Dad yelled, “TAKODA COME!”  I ran.

I ran next door to see Daisy 2 no name stray dog we ran.  I ran to the park I ran to the neighbors they called Mom and Dad my tag says to call for $reward they did.  I don’t know $reward but they called they did not keep me, I got away I ran their German Shepherd is old I ran.  It was getting dark Mom and Dad walked and drove all over our mountain I ran it was fun.  I decided to go home I was hungry Mom said I stunk I had to go to the beauty parlor and get consequences the next day then I smelled good I was shiny.  Dad said I am prettier than the lady on the Weather Channel.  I am handsome. dog on deck

There is a lock on my gate now I can’t open it.  Mom and Dad have to do it after my leash is on I don’t have thumbs.

Training Mom

I am Mom’s first dog.   She says I am a challenge and a pain and a joy.   Almost every day, Mom says there is something she did not know about dogs until she got me and I started to grow.  She loves me I am a pain I like to run I am a pain.   Mom likes to look into my eyes and talk to me and she likes when I cock my head and seem to listen and I am cute.  I run. I am a pain in the ass I think that is good because Mom says that then she hugs me and says it again.   In the car we look at each other Mom says it is dangerous roads curve she cannot look in my eyes.   I put my head on the CD holder armrest thing I sleep, Mom puts her hand on my eyes to stop the sun she loves me.

Mom says she did not know these things because she never had a dog:

  • Dogs are a pain, more than Mom imagined, I think I am more than Mom bargained for I am special
  • Puppies gain 40 pounds in 3 months they pull on the leash it is dangerous, I am big and strong I run
  • I run I need a job I run I am fast I run
  • Puppy needle teeth fall out in the house, Dad put them on the table Mom said “disgusting” those teeth are gone they were sharp but now I have big white teeth I get new teeth every week they are different
  • Puppies poop like grown men every day sometimes more it stinks it takes time
  • Every night some animal takes my poop, Mom and Dad like that they said it sure makes things easy maybe some animal gets nutrition they are not sure I don’t know nutritions yet it sounds good
  • I am into decaying animals it it bad I stink It means a bath and consequences, Mom and Dad get mad they say I am inconvenient
  • I want to run all the time I run I go see Daisy 2 when I get out Mom and Dad put a double lock on the gate I ate a plant Dracena, Mom thought it froze it looked bad I ate it that is why it looked bad

I got in trouble this week and I started school I went to daycare I will tell you later.


The BywaterYesterday the sun was out and it was 80 degrees.   Mom and Dad took me to the Bywater Pub in Asheville to celebrate.  I met 5 new dog friends and 2 cute little girls.  Everyone petted me and fussed over me I am handsome.  Everyone said I am SO BIG for 5 months it is true I am big.  Yesterday made me 5 months old I am very large for a puppy.

Mom and Dad said I was a good boy and Mom got me a hot dog from Teau Food.  It was delicious I want another one.   I want to go back there soon.  Mom said it is their favorite hangout in the summer we will go back I can’t wait I want to go now.  My Mom does not really have a pole sticking out of her head.

Bath Time

I brought a dead raccoon to Mom and Dad today.  They were not as pleased as I hoped they would be, it smelled bad it was a furry skeleton with a full tail I was proud.  Mom said she will spare you the picture it is very bad.

I had consequences again, vanilla bath consequences.  I did not like that I was wet and I smelled like a cookie.  Mom and Dad said “TOO BAD, Takoda.”  I can’t go out now because it is chilly and I am wet Dad said I might get sick so I shredded my pee pad for fun.   They said I am pushing it.  I don’t know what it is how can I be pushing it?  Mom said I go to daycare tomorrow so she can spring clean I want to play run play bite run.

The other dogs will think I smell funny from consequences I wonder if they get consequences, too?

Normal Dog!!

Mom said I am finally a normal dog.  I am a big boy now.  IMG_0505I get in the car by myself and I put my head out the window this means I am normal.  Mom holds onto me though she said I might lunge at something because I am just a puppy.  I am not a puppy I am a big dog.  Mom is wrong about that but I like the car I am normal.

Thpa Day

IMG_0471Thith week, Mom took me hiking at Alexthander Park and on the Rattlethnake Lodge Trail we hiked a lot I was happy.  There were not any rattlethnakes I wath dithappointed by that.  All my puppy teeth have gone, I have big dog teeth in thpots but in thome plathes I have no theeth, juth gumth that hurt.  Altho I ran away for one hour and thcared Mom and Dad.  I wath very muddy and wet when I came back, I don’t know what I did, but I wath tho, tho tired.  Thith week my gumth were bleeding thome.IMG_0474

Mom took me to a dog thpa today I wath thcared.  We went at 1:30, Mom athked when to come back for me they thaid “We will call you, it dependth on how he doeth.” Mom thaid the would prefer to thtay with me, they thaid no, they thaid I wath in good handth.  Mom knew I would be nervouth.  I wath.  I didn’t want Mom to leave, but the did and the thaid “I will be back Takoda, thettle down.”  Then the gave me thome treats and hugged me.  I think the felt guilty for leaving me, but the wanted me to be all clean and handthome.  There wath a little gate between the front door and another before the thpa, Mom put me in the little room I did not like it when the left.

I heard them talking, they thaid I was going to get a Paw-dicure and a fathial, then I would get my undercoat removed, thith thcared me to death becauth I didn’t know what my undercoat wath.  I didn’t know what a Paw-dicure or a fathial was either.  I wath hoping thingth would not hurt.  My gumth hurt.

When Mom left, the ladieth at the Pet Thpa took me back to the room.  They put thmelly thtuff on my fathe and rubbed my fathe real thlow, it felt good I felt better.  Then they mathaged my pawth and they thanded them down thmooth like I wath a houth dog like I don’t need tough padth but I do.  They cut my clawth and thanded them, too.  Then they wathed me with thoap I did not like that one bit they thcrubbed my whole body, I didn’t even know them they touched my whole body.  Then they got a big mathine with wind and thprayed my body with it, I was crying and thaking, I thought they would kill me and they took my undercoat with a bruth with thome kind of thaver thing in it the pile of fur was huge I thought I would be naked I cried.  They thaid I would not thed ath much in the thpring without my undercoat I don’t like what they did to me.


The ladieth worked thlow in my opinion, I wath at the Pet Thpa for three hourth way too long.  There wath a Labradoodle there I liked him but hith breed name is dumb.  I wath THO glad when Mom came back to get me.  I barked and jumped and barked and jumped and I wath tho exthited!!!  Mom put my leath on, the paid the ladieth the made a fathe when the paid them.  We went outthide tho I could do my buthiness.  Mom thaid I wath beautiful and thiny and I wath a handthome GOOD BOY.  I like that.

IMG_0533We got in the car I went to thleep in 5 thecondth becauthe I wath thtrethed out.  I do look real, real good.  The puppy nexth door ith going to thwoon when the theeth me.  I got a thcarf with airplaneth and trainth on it, it wath thtupid, Mom took it off becauthe I wath chewing on it.  I hope I never go to the Thpa again but I heard Mom and Dad talking, they thaid I will.  I hope they forget I will thtay cleaner tho they forget.

When we got home we went to the top of our hill, Mom and Dad had treeth taken out becauth we are getting a new houth thoon.  There were big, big pileth of thawduth and I forgot about thtaying clean I ran up and rolled down the thawduth.  Mom thaid I undid the Thpa I did not I may be thcarred for life but the thaid I am not going back any time thoon I am tho happy!


Mom thaid if a lot of people like thith thtory and thare it the will let me have my own blog tho I can write a lot more the will let me uthe her laptop.  I like that.