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Big Dog, Big Day

This morning Mom and I walked to the top of our mountain it was cold I liked it.  Mom took me to the Vet’s office today I got treats I got weighed.  I weigh 57 and a half pounds at 6 months.  I am a BIG DOG.  I am handsome.

cabbageAfter that, Mom took me to Weaverville Tailgate Market.  Mom got watercress and sun chokes and fresh scallops.  I got a peanut butter dog cookie it was good!  We saw Kelly she is an English Shepherd she growled at me from her truck.  Kelly forgot I was at Highgate Farm three times I have to go back we can be friends again. Kelly’s Dad took her to the grass so we could sniff, I am bigger then Kelly she used to roll me in snow me I am big.  She remembered me small I am big now.

After the Tailgate Market Mom and I walked around Lake Louise I was very good, ladies petted me I am soft the ladies said my Mom socialized me well her dog has to stay home all the time he was not socialized.  I don’t know what that is but I am glad Mom and Dad did it to me.  I got to drink water at the creek and see the big wheel I was very good.  I saw ducks and geese I did not chase them I was good.  We ran I did not run too fast Mom said she was proud of me I like that.

mill wheel

Then we went to the Weaverville Pet Pantry I met Trunks he liked me we sniffed he shopped with me and Mom. Trunks was cute I am bigger.  I got to pick out treats and a bone.  Mom got a new Kong I lost my old Kong in the yard.

I might be good more I liked today.  It was better than vanilla bath consequences when I bring dead things. I met Justin at the Pet Pantry, he is friends with Flopp Tracey my Mom knows Flopp’s Mom.  Patty has the Junk Shop in Marshall with very good junk I like Patty we go see her she likes me.  This is a picture of Flopp silly dog.

Flopp Tracey







After that we met Dad at the top of our mountain to see the sunset I had a bully stick Mom and Dad had a beer it was cold we went home.  I ate supper sleep now.  Big dog, big day.