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You Have Gone TOO FAR

My puppy teeth are coming out Mom thaid that ith good, but it makth me talk funny.  I have big dog teeth and puppy teeth now they are mixthed up and I have to chew thingth.  I did dethtruction three timth thith week and today Mom thaid, “TAKODA, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR.”  

I thought I wath going to obedienth training lath week, but the lady canthIMG_0103eled it becauth it thnowed and the thchools were clothed.  Mom and I played in the thnow.  I liked that.  But then I got bored tho I did dethtruction.  I wath going to do my dethtruction at obedienth thchool inthead of home but they left me no choith.  I did it at home.  Firth, Mom had to work.  Dad thent her thith picture on hith phone that wath the firth time I got in trouble thith week.


Dad thaid, “I hope you were finithed with thith People Magathine becauth Takoda read it today.”  I only got in a little trouble becauth Mom had already read it.

Then I bit Mom a few timth, that alwayth makth her real mad but I wath bored it wath not my fault.  I leaned on her legth to thay “Leth go out in the thnow” and Mom did not lithen, tho I had to take acthion and I tore her coat tho Mom would go out with me.  Then I bit her panth and tore them.  Mom thaid I was a little thit and if I kept it up my name wath going to be changed to Thit inthead of Takoda.

Today, I woke Mom up really early.  We had quiet time and a treat and I got a tummy rub.  It wath nithe.  Then I got to go outthide to do my buthineth.  I found out the back door was cracked and there wath a bag of trath out on the porch.  I did dethtruction again.  That ith when Mom thaid “TAKODA, YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR!”  Mom took my rib bone away and I had to wait on the deck while Mom cleaned the porch.  Mom said I was an ath-hole.  I think the coffee groundth were the real problem, they didn’t want that bread or thoth bonth.


Dad made ribth for the Thuper Bowl and I did not get any but I found them tho I helped mythelf.  I got in trouble.

Mom thaid they better not canthel my clath thith week, becauth I am dithobedient and a trouble-maker.  But Mom altho thaid I am very, very cute and that workth in my favor and altho my gumth hurt.  Mom and Dad laugh at me after they get mad.  I have heard them talk, I am adorable and cute and funny and thweet-natured, tho I get away with thom thingth.  My gumth hurt now.

Tools of the Trade

It’s me again.  Mom took me to puppy socialization class again last night.  Wheezer was not there, he graduated even though he humped too much.  So did Caramel and Laia.  I was the biggest puppy in the class by 15 pounds.  The blue ladies said I was good because I made myself small when I played, so the little puppies would like me.  I wonder why the other puppies are so small I am the biggest puppy in the world.  There was a new puppy this week, Radley.  He was a little Lab mix with a tail that curled up over his back.  He never shut up, YAP, YAP, YAP.  His parents said he was a chicken.  We had chickens at our house, I know a chicken when I see one.  He was a puppy he was not a chicken.

There was also a new puppy Nelson.  His Mom said that was because of Willie Nelson.  I don’t know who that is.  Nelson was fun he was not afraid of me he jumped on my back and we played.  Jasmine was there, too.  She is a Golden Retriever.  I got in trouble because I humped her too much and made her hide behind her Mom’s legs under a chair.  Taffy Two was still there, she grew a lot, like me.  I love Jasmine.  Jasmine does not love me.

photo (13)I want to show you my teeth and my nose.  These are the tools of my trade.  Mom said my trade is destruction and I excel at my trade.  My nose makes me get in trouble.  Last night Dad made fried shrimp it drove me crazy I didn’t get any but I got in trouble for trying to take one.  I had to go in my crate with a bone so Dad could eat in peace whatever that means.  I smelled 10,000 things in one day not my fault.  Mom and Dad say “TAKODA GET DOWN” all the time now I can reach the counter and the table.   I don’t like raw onions.

Today Mom and Dad put me in the truck and we drove and drove.  It was snowing, the truck made me nervous I wanted to stay home.  We went to a place in the mountains I had to be on a leash in the snow too many new smells.  We went into a foreclosure, Mom had to take pictures there.  It was cold and it made me nervous I didn’t like the foreclosure, it did not feel happy.  I thought they would leave me I was scared.  Mom picked me up and put me in the truck I was very glad so I went to sleep.

photo (15)

These teeth are the tools of my trade.  Destruction.  Dad said they are fish hooks, he calls me “Grip.”  Mom said they are needles.  They hurt unless I have an ice cube or a cold bone to gnaw.  Chewing on Mom helps, too but she does not like that.  She said I am a pain in the ass and the hand and the ankle and I like boots but they won’t give me boots.  I eat snow.  Dad got me a toy box made of wood, I chew it on the corners.

Sometimes I get bored.  It has been very cold, I like cold I have thick fur but not this cold.  I have to stay indoors too much and Mom has only walked me once a day instead of two times.  Dad takes me in the truck but the gravel man came with a dump truck for the driveway I was not allowed out he said I might get rocks on my head dangerous.

photo (16)

I got bored I had to do destruction.  Mom and Dad said it could have been worse.  I put my blanket with Dad’s blanket.  I emptied the trash.  I tore up the mail so they don’t have to use the shredder.  I ate part of the magazine so they don’t have to read it.

Even though the cats don’t think I like them, I pulled the stuffing out of their toy so they don’t have to do it.  I like to do destruction it feels good.  I don’t mind helping, it only takes a few minutes I have time.  I have to stop biting I am trying very hard.  Mom and Dad did not bleed this week at all, I heard them say that is good.  Also I am learning to stay DOWN.

Mom and I go to obedience class this week.  I think they will let me do destruction there.