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Art In Autumn

I got to go to an art festival in Weaverville today it was great! Mom was a volunteer all day so Dad took me to see her on Main Street. There were a lot of dogs and even more people. Dad walked me in the Nature Park the sun was warm and I got a lot of attention because I am very handsome. People patted my head and touched me and remarked on my looks I liked it.

Mom said the art talent was extraordinary, I don’t know that word but I got some feta cheese. Mom got some pottery I tore the bag and one piece broke. Uh-oh. It was fun anyway I like Weaverville because Weaverville likes dogs.


Look what our neighbor got. I want them I am a herder I could round them up. I could make them stay in the corner. I could make them go in the barn or anywhere else I want! I want to live on that farm. No I love my Mom and Dad I will stay home. But I want sheep for my birthday on October 2nd I will be one, old enough for sheep. I will look good herding I am handsome.