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Goodnight, Sweet Boy

Some Mondays are way, way worse than others. It is with heavy hearts that John and I tell you our crazy boy Takoda is no more. Our big, furry monster decided to go for an unsupervised run yesterday at noon and didn’t come back. We whistled and called and called and whistled. He came home three times and from 20 feet away he looked at us and grinned and took off again, white flag tail high. He was not a dog who listened well, he thought little of commands and direct orders. And it has been really cold, so he had been more confined than usual.

We live in the country, you know. He was shot on a neighboring farm – someone thought he was a threat to livestock. It’s breaking our hearts, but we understand how it happened. There was a killer pack of dogs around here until a month or so ago, they did a lot of damage. Some of the farmers are justifiably trigger happy. He never knew what hit him, we don’t think he suffered at all.

John picked Takoda up in his pick up and brought the boy home. We loved on his big, warm and furry body and buried him in the woods at the back of our land. Takoda liked to dig holes and chase moles and jump in the leaves back in those woods.

We loved this boy hard for the fourteen months he was ours.


All Fixed

Mom and Dad took me to the Vet’s office and I got neutered.   I don’t know what that means, but I did not like it at all.   My tummy got shavedshepherd,neuter itchy itchy.   I was dizzy all day and I could not have food in the morning I did not like that I was hungry.

Mom said I had to get fixed so I would calm down.  Dad said he was breaking the man code.  Mom said Dad was being silly it was not HIM being neutered.   Dad said if I weren’t crazy he would put his foot down and I would not get fixed at all but since I am wild he told Mom to ahead and she did.

I am sensitive, Mom had to take me to Dr. Wootten’s office 6 times to let everyone touch me and give me treats so I could get my blood work done.  I am too sensitive they did not get my blood I went crazy. I like Evelyn, she gave me a lot of treats I let her touch my legs but I did not like it.  I got Mellow-tonin before I went for my neutering.  Mom said I would relax it made me sleepy mellow I liked it.

I like Dr. Wootten she is smart and pretty she is nice to me even when I am crazy.  I got liverwurst and cheese on a stick so I would be good.   I know Dr. Wootten thinks I am very handsome I weigh 65 pounds.   I am fixed and handsome and I still get in trouble almost every day so my neutering maybe did not work.  I made Mom go to the hospital.  Bad dog.

Belly Flops

Mom said, “Let’s go to the river, Takoda!”  I was excited.   We went for a walk, We have a long driveway with 2 million rocks.  Down at the road I saw Daisy 2 from next door I ran.  Mom tried to run with me I ran faster and faster, way faster than Mom.  Mom yelled at me I did not listen I was excited I ran after Daisy 2.  Mom fell on the road she cried out I did not listen.  Mom said her belly flop knocked the wind out of her she could not breathe.

Another dog Esa checked on Mom I ran with Daisy 2 I forgot about Mom.  Uh-oh.  Mom was bleeding, she did not chase me she was crying she went home.   Mom had bruises all over her tummy and her arms and legs and her arm was swollen and her hand had a rock stuck in it.  injuryretractable leashes

I was wearing my 26 foot retractable leash for dogs up to 110 pounds.  I weigh 62 pounds I am big and handsome.   I ran away with Daisy 2 and 26 feet of leash bouncing behind me.

retractable leashI ran with my long leash I got stuck on the mountain.  When Dad came home, he and Mom looked for me they called me and called me.  They drove, they  walked, they yelled they said they feared the worst.  I am a  puppy I don’t know what the worst is but I don’t think it happened to me yet.

I broke my leash after three hours and I went home.  I did not chew it I snapped it in two I am strong.   Dad said that box had false advertising I broke my leash it was not easy, though, it hurt my neck.

Mom had a big gin and tonic and an ice pack.  Dad was mad at me for hurting Mom I did not mean to I got excited.  Dad was also mad because he paid a lot of money for my new leash the day before.  (Because I snapped the one that was for dogs up to 60 pounds.)  I did not want to hurt Mom I am a good boy.  Mom said the jury is still out, she said I am a challenge.  She said some other words, too but she said I could not write those in here or I would be in even more trouble.

It took a month for Mom to get better.   Then I did it again.  Mom asked, “Takoda, where’s your ball?”  I saw it I ran.  I pulled Mom off of a ledge in the yard she did another belly flop in the rocks on the driveway and hurt the same elbow again.  Dad was there, I got in trouble.   He said I am a pain in the you-know-what.   I don’t know what, but I think he meant the elbow.

Mom’s elbow still hurts and it is still swollen I feel bad I love Mom.   I have a pinch collar now I will try not to hurt Mom again.


I have a sweater and a duck and some bones to gnaw.  Mom gave me her sweater it is blue I put my head on it for my nap.  Sometimes I fight with my sweater I love my sweater it smells like Mom.  I have a duck it  squeaks I like the duck it honks.  I get bones I am a lucky dog and I am very attractive, also.  See for yourself.

Hot Dog Trot Dog

hot dogsMom tried to kill me with hot dogs but it did not work I am fine.  We went to obedience training class the lady said to bring 50-100 pieces of soft treats to reward dogs when they learn new things.  She said you can bring chicken hot dogs, cooked for 4 minutes, drained and diced up.  Or string cheese or store bought treats.  Mom bought cheap red hot dogs and did not cook them.  Dad sliced them and put them in a bag.  Mom and I went to school.

When we got there I made a very impressive entrance I was excited I ran to the building and jumped on the door.   Mom caught up with me opened the door I dragged her down the hall I like new places.  We had to go up stairs, metal stairs with open backs I did not like that at all.  I was scared.  Then I heard DOGS!  I RAN!  I pushed open the gate to a big room there were DOGS!  I jumped on the counter they said “Who is this wild dog?”   Mom said my name is Takoda I am very excited.  I pulled Mom into the room she was holding on to my leash and trying to get me to sit I did not listen I ran I barked my best loud bark I ran.  Everyone was looking at us, probably because I am handsome.   Mom was rolling her eyes and telling me to be still.

puppy classWe found our place the room has four quadrants divided by fence our quadrant was me and another dog his name is Loose.   The other quadrants had 5 or 6 dogs each, Loose and I are special it was just us two.  I got a new collar, first they put a training collar on me it did not work I could not breathe I could still pull Mom.  Then they put a pinch collar on me I did not like that Mom learned to snap the leash to pinch the collar I sat right down every time.  Mom liked that, I drag her a lot.

sit commandWe got treats for everything at school I liked that.  We got 10 treats for learning our names.  We got 10 treats for sit.  The trainer Val picked me to demonstrate sit, probably because I am handsome.   The other lady said I have a “beautiful sit” I like that I am handsome I have a beautiful sit.  Then we did sit/stay 10 times I got 10 more pieces of hot dog.  Then we played a game with the treats I got 10 more pieces of hot dog.  The trainer Val said my pieces of hot dog were kind of big I was sure getting a lot of hot dog I was I liked it.  Val said Mom should have cooked those hot dogs.

After I got trained we were going to go home the trainer Val said she would walk me down the steps she was afraid I would pull Mom down.  I did not want to go down those metal steps they make noise other dogs made noise on them.  Val took me down one set of steps to the landing I sat down.  She let me sit and then I smelled everything there was nothing left to do but go down the next steps.  Val sat on the steps with me and made me wait a while.  Then Mom took me to the car I was a GOOD DOG that night.

Then I got a tummy ache it was bad.  Mom said she could hear my stomach making sounds.  I had to go outside and do my business it was ugly.  My tummy hurt for two days Mom said I had the trots no more hot dogs she said she did not mean to kill me I am alive it is okay but it hurt.  The next time we went to school Mom had string cheese in tiny pieces and training treats from the dog store my tummy did not hurt.  I sat, I stayed, I came when called and I got a lot of treats it was fun.  I was not afraid of the stairs this time I am a BIG BOY.   I got to play with Loose, too.  Mom and I practice our commands a lot she is learning to be in control of me because I am wild.  We go back Tuesday I like it.