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In the Dog House

I did destruction last week with toilet paper.  English Shepherdphoto (22) Mom said I need more exercise she is right but she will only run with me one time every day she said she is old and cannot run 20 miles like me.  I am strong.  Thursday Mom and Dad took me to play with a lot of dogs all at once I was sort of scared.  We got in Dad’s truck we drove to Dog House Doggie Daycare.  There was a man named Kevin he was nice he thought I was a Border Collie everyone does.  I don’t know why.  I am an English Shepherd I am big.  People always ask “Is he a BC?” At first Mom did not know what they were talking about we did not know BC means Border Collie.

When we went in to Dog House Doggie Daycare, Mom and Dad had to fill out some paperwork about me and prove I had all my vaccinations.  They had a folder I don’t know what vaccination is but they said I have all of them plus flea and tick protection.  I had a tick last week my first tick Mom said GROSS and pulled it off of me.   The man Kevin turned on a TV monitor and told Mom and Dad to watch while he took me to meet the big dogs.  I was scared.  We went out a door I wanted Mom and Dad to come, but I liked being on TV.   I am very attractive I should be on TV.IMG_0592

The Kevin man took me down a hallway and opened a door to a room with a lot of dogs that were big like me.   They ran up they barked I was scared.  They all sniffed me all over even my butt I was nervous they barked loud.  There was a door to outside I ran out into a fenced  yard the dogs came after me sniff sniff bark bark.  They made a circle I was in it I did not like that I ran.  I went behind the door, they came too.   The Kevin man left after a few minutes he said he might put me with smaller dogs it might be better.   Mom and Dad did not come they left me there I thought they left me forever I was scared. The Kevin man came and got me after a while and put me in another room  with smaller dogs that was better but they never did shut up they barked a lot.  I was not afraid with the little dogs we played but I was nervous. Doggie Daycare Mom and Dad did come back though three hours later they came back I was so glad I was scared.  Mom hugged me I was so happy I wanted a hug from Mom she gave me a lot of them.  Dad took pictures he said I am always blurry I don’t think it is me I think the camera moves, I am handsome.   We got in the car Mom said I was subdued I was not I was just tired.   When we got home I drank a LOT of water then I took a nap for 3 hours hours Mom said that daycare had the desired result I was so tired, even the next day I was tired.  They said they will take me back I want to go play and I know they will come back now so I don’t mind.  Dog House Doggie Daycare is my school I go to school now I am a BIG BOY Takoda.Takoda

Rules, Takoda Rules!

1525215_10201413259196763_1386735245_nTakoda here.  Don’t tell Mom I used her laptop.  I am not allowed to play with it.  Or phones.  Or remote controls, socks, books, magazines, shoes, sweaters, cats, chickens, coyote poop, wastebaskets, beer bottles, couch cushions, blankets, pee pads, rugs or gloves.  I am not allowed to chew on furniture.  I am not allowed to take food off the counter or out of the trash.  They fuss at me in the kitchen.  I am not tall enough to take food off the counter yet, but they act like I do it all the time, like I am a problem.  I just want to see what I smell!  They have a lot of rules.

I like to bite Mom.  I can’t help it, she is chewy and I love her.  I love Dad too, but he is tough not chewy like Mom.  Dad says she looks like a battered woman and it is my fault.  I don’t know what that means.  I have torn 3 pairs of Mom’s pajama pants, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 winter coats, and a pair of corduroys.  (Also a fleece shirt, but I don’t think she has seen that yet.)  She gets mad when I tear things, but I am a herder from way back, how else can I control her?  When Mom walks me, she gets out of line and I have to correct the situation.  It’s fun.  We walk and run every morning.  We go down the driveway.  I have to wear a leash part way because of the stupid cats and stupid birds.  They need herding, no one understands that like I do, but I am not allowed to chase and nip them.  When we get down the hill by the fire pit, Mom takes my leash off so I can RUN!!!  Run, run, run, run!  I run!  I like to disappear into the brush and wait until Mom walks ahead.  Then I run!  I run by bite Mom while I am running I don’t even have to slow down.  She yells at me “TAKODA NO BITING” and I look back smile keep running.  I like my Mom, it is funny when she gets mad.  I am very fast, too fast for her to grab it’s funny, I run!  We go around Big Loop in a field, I get to dive into the brush over and over until I have seeds and burrs all over me.  Sometimes

photo (8)grass sticks out of my fur and I get frost on my face.  Sometimes I find briers, they scratch it hurts my belly so I run.  Then we go down to the well pump.  I can see the cows next door but I am not allowed to herd them, either.  After that, we go up the road to the top of our mountain.  I see turkeys and smell bear and deer and possums.  I run!  Mom throws a stick ahead of me I get it, chew it.  I don’t take it to her.  I am a herder.  Not fetch dog.  I run.  Then we run down the hill.  I stop at the puddle and splash or bite the ice.  Some days water, some days ice, I like to slide on ice but splashing is good.  I run.  Mom moves  her hand and says “Takoda come” and I do so I get a treat.  Then I run ahead so she will do it again when I get too far away.  It works every time.  Mom has a lot of bruises and little cuts from my puppy needle teeth.  So do her clothes.  I like to bite Mom.  Sometimes she flips me over and holds me down and looks in my eyes and says “TAKODA NO BITING” I don’t like that.

Could you get mad at this face?  I ate the chickens’ treats that day, I had yogurt on my nose I got in trouble.


At first I thought my name was TAKODA-NO-BITING!  Then I figured out TAKODA-NO-BITING means I am in trouble again.  My name is plain Takoda.  That means “friend to everyone” in the language of the Lakota Indian.  I am a friend to everyone so far.  Except Amos and Rory Gallagher.  Cats suck.  They either run from me or turn on me and hiss.  There is no in-between with those two.   I heard Mom and Dad say the cats used to fight a lot before I came, now they are all buddy-buddy and stay together and plot against me.  I just want to play, when I run at them they run like I want to kill them and I get in trouble.  TAKODA NO!  I just want to herd them so we can play.  Cats are stupid.  One day I stuck my head through the cat door and Amos smacked me in the face and I was stuck until I could back up and get away.  Then he ran like I did something bad.  Rory Gallagher taunts me, he runs by me outside, up a tree, down, back by me with his tail up and his sideways run and I can tell he wants me to herd him but I get in trouble if I chase him.

1604629_10201461234796123_687202010_nI ate two pairs of Dad’s prescription glasses in the same week and knocked his milk over.  He got more mad about the milk than he did the glasses.  Milk went everywhere and he was trying to eat a sandwich.  I can reach the table next to Dad’s recliner.  When he leaves the remote there I am going to eat it.  I check every night unless I fall asleep.  I fall asleep at 10:00 and I sleep until 7:00 a.m. when I bark at the door.  I am not allowed on the other side of the door.  The cats are.  They sleep high on a bed and glare at me from there like they own the place.  I know how to SIT and LIE DOWN.  I don’t like to STAY.  I don’t like to be QUIET.

This week I went to Highgate Farm twice to play with Kelly.  She is an English Shepherd, too.  She is really big, almost 2 years old and she can roll me over and herd me and she knocked me down in the snow or the mud a lot of times.  I am only three months old, I run as fast as her.  She is bigger.  Kelly pushes me around I like to chase her and she does not get mad at me when I run by bite her run look back run.  She likes it, she runs, runs, runs.  We are not allowed to chase the chickens there or the cats.  We jump on the people, though.   Mom took the chickens to live at Highgate Farm because something ate Snapdragon.  It was not me.  I was in the house.  Then something got Clara and hurt her wing and tore feathers off her neck.  Mom was supposed to take them to another farm but the people were out of town at Christmas so they went to Highgate instead, where there is a fence and I am not allowed to chase them.   There are a LOT of chickens there, I would like to get into that pen but I would be in very big trouble, maybe the most trouble yet.photo (11)

Sleep now.